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Insect and Disease Control



Insects and diseases are one of the primary threats to a plant's health.  They often cause visible symptoms, such as an abnormal appearance in the foliage or complete defoliation of the plant.  The damage associated with insect activity and/or disease infestation can cause severe stress on a plant or tree leading to is decline and eventual death.

Our Plant Health Care program is designed to diagnose the problems by thoroughly examining the plant and to recommend the appropriate treatment method.  Often, spraying or soil injections will be required to rid the plant of the pests or diseases which are causing the injury.  We have the  most advanced Plant Health Care vehicles available to our industry which enables us to perform multiple applications in one visit.  This allows us to treat for insects, mites, diseases and soil deficiencies promptly.



Bartlett Tree Experts

William Johnston & Company is proud to be a division of Bartlett Tree Experts, and our staff now has the backing of an international tree-care company and tree research laboratory to help continue providing excellent tree service and shrub care in the Philadelphia and Main Line areas. View a complete list of professional tree services offered by Bartlett.